Welcome to AccoApp

AccoApp is a platform that helps you to find best accommodation at best rents.

About Us

Welcome to AccoApp, the revolutionary new platform that makes finding and renting flats easy and stress-free. We're Manuel and Vivek, two avid travelers who understand the struggles of finding proper accommodations in foreign countries. Our experience living abroad inspired us to create AccoApp, a digital real estate platform that is user-friendly and service-oriented.

Our goal is to help international tenants find suitable places to live while facilitating diversity and personal development. Our platform is designed to take care of everything from searching, issuing flats, and setting up and signing contracts – utilizing the latest AI technology in a completely digital, encrypted and secure environment.

Our user-friendly platform is designed to streamline the rental process and save you time and hassle.

We believe that finding a suitable place to live should be easy and stress-free, and that's exactly what AccoApp aims to achieve. So, whether you're looking for your dream home or renting out your property, we're here to help you every step of the way. Join us today and experience a new way of finding and renting flats with AccoApp!

Our vision

Living in a foreign country is a dream for many of us but finding a proper home abroad is often challenging.

AccoApp wants to support international exchange globally and foster diversity. Whether you want to rent your apartment or are looking for a new home aboard we want to make your life easier by providing support and services beyond regular platforms. As a trusted third party we provide security whether you are renting your flat or you are looking for your new home abroad.

Our Mission

We support you in finding the right home for you needs by providing you support on local requirements and acting as a trusted third party in case you are not in the country you would like to live in.

As a landlord we assist you in finding the perfect tenant, handle the administrative effort as well as provide additional securities. Everything fully digital and adjustable to your needs.

How it works

As a tenant

Setup your profile

Setup your profile and providing the relevant information.

Upload important information and documents

Depending on your country of interest we let you know which important information is needed and check if everything is available from your side.

Find the right home

Once you are ready, you can search for flats which fit your needs. For trusted flats, we have ensured that the quality of the flat is as presented, in case you cannot look the flat in person.

As a landlord

Setup your profile

Setup your profile and providing the relevant information.

Upload appartment information

Upload information and pictures of your apartment for rent. We check if everything is ready to go.

Find the right tenant

Find the right tenant for your apartment using our enhanced features to find the best suitable candidate.

Setup the Contract

Once boths parties agree, AccoApp can act as a trusted third party to set up the contract between landlord and tenant providing security to both parties. Everything completely digital, encrypted, secure and legally approved.


As a tenant

Support on local requirements

We help you with the local requirements in finding a flat abroad

Trusted accommodation

Find trusted accommodations that have been verified upfront by us

Digital renting contract

legally translated in multiple languages

Deposit handling

Send your deposit to a trusted AccoApp account until you receive the key.

As a landlord

Digital renting Contract

Translated in different languages and editable to your specific needs

Trusted tenants

Find trusted tenants we verified upfront

Find the perfect tenant

Enhanced features for landlords to find the best suitable tenant

Organize your visiting appointments

Scheduling feature for organizing your visiting appointments

Optional guarantees in case of problems

Additional security in case rental payments are delayed. We get in touch with the tenant and ensure payments if needed.

Our Team



During my job for an international company I had the opportunity to live in several different countries globally. Living abroad is a great experience everyone should have in their live in my opinion. Especially at the start moving into a new country is often difficult. AccoApp should make it easy for everyone to find their home abroad wherever they want to go so you can focus on the important things, like meeting new people and getting involved in different cultures.



Being myself gone thorough the cumbersome process of finding a good accommodation in Germany from India, I realized the need of a platform which can help for the same. Even I also received many fraud calls. From that point I thought of an idea of AccoApp that connects verified landlords with verified tenants. I am a software engineer by profession with over 4 years of experience.